Kill Kindly - "Killer"

Welcome to J-BAR-H LONGHORNS, home to Kill Kindly, the largest Texas Longhorn Bull in the breed. He stands 70 inches tall at the rear hip, and tips the scale at just under 2,500 pounds. His tip to tip measurement is right at 75". Nose to tail, he is over 11 feet long! He is truly a unique specimen.

Killer is now located in Caldwell, Texas. He is available for pasture breeding and semen purchase. Bring your best young heifers, or older cows. Killer will put size in your herd, as well a quiet temperament. Don't let his huge body fool you. He has been breeding 500 pound heifers for most of his life and treats these young ladies with kindness and respect. After all, his name is Kill "Kindly" and he does!  

For a limited time, pasture breeding is available for only $250 per month. Semen can be purchased right now for $30 per straw, no minimum. So, what are you waiting for, put some killer size in your program!  Give Joe Dowling a call at 979-271-0277 and get started on the road to BIG!

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Jim Hix